Bob Pearce, owner of A1 Mini Storage, was familiar with Fort Campbell and Clarksville years before owning this business.


Bob was a pilot in the Air Force flying Special Operations C-141s.  Much of his blacked out night vision goggle training was executed right here at Campbell Army Airfield.  Bob worked closely with the Fort Campbell’s own 160th SOAR.  Many missions involved the delivery of the AH-6’s to places around the globe under the veil of darkness.

Bob also worked with the Army Rangers and the 101st Airborne in both training and real world events.  When Bob saw the opportunity to own a business in the Clarksville area, he jumped on it.  Working with both veterans and active duty, by providing a safe, secure place for their possessions when half way around the world or here locally has been a pleasure to him.  Bob’s management team at A1 go the extra mile to accommodate any special needs of our military tenants, especially when they are on deployment.