If you live in a big house, in Clarksville TN, it can be hard to determine how much you’ll be able to fit into a smaller space. Solve that problem by using masking tape to map out the dimensions of your tiny house in a parking lot or driveway. Then measure your furniture and block it out with tape or cardboard boxes to make sure it fits. Give yourself plenty of time to work on your downsizing project. Only keep the things that do double duty. For example, an ottoman the hold books and blankets or can be used as extra seating.

If you have hobbies, you may want to think about what you can do without. 1 camera if you are a bird watcher, do away with duplicate paint colors if you are an artist.

By making these decisions quickly without pondering help you avoid the necessity of storing things in the family garage or a self-storage unit at A1 Mini Storage in Clarksville TN. Waiting to build a larger house can take a year or more and if you are paying for storage you could rack up a bill in the thousands. Most of the things you put in storage can be replaced for less then what you pay in storage. But if you find yourself still needing storage give us a call at 931.542.5000 or stop by 2270 Old Russellville Pike and we can help you decide what size you need.

The easiest way to determine what to keep, separate items into three piles, Stuff to keep, Stuff you don’t use and Stuff you only use sometimes. Start with the things you have not used in the past year. Don’t over think the process.

If you have large sentimental value pieces you love and they won’t fit into your new tiny home and you don’t want to put them in storage in Clarksville TN, find a family member who will appreciate the piece and give it to them. You can still see it on holidays and when you visit.

If you have filing cabinets full of important papers like insurance policies and tax returns, you can always put them in a safety deposit box at your bank or take pictures of them and download them onto your computer.

Once you move into your new smaller home, after some time you will not even be able to remember what you used to have. You will love the time freed up to leave the house and find fun things to go and see. Life will be so much easier.