Advantages of Portable Storage

Thinking about renting an Affordable Portable moving container for your next move? If so, you’ll certainly save a lot compared to hiring a professional moving company.

In addition to saving you money on a move, these portable moving containers located at 3308 N Highland Ave Jackson TN 38305, can also be used to temporarily store items during the moving process. For these reasons and more, moving containers have become one of the most cost-efficient and commonsense ways to move to a new home. Here’s a quick rundown on how the Affordable Portable’s works.

How It Works

Renting a moving container is fairly simple. Customers in Jackson TN or a nearby town, must first choose whether they wish to store, move or do both with their belongings. If using the container for storage, customers will need to decide whether to store the container at their location or at a storage center. Customers must also decide on the duration they wish to use the container for storage. For both moving and storage, customers must choose a delivery location, date and size as well.

After reserving one or more containers, the Affordable Portable’s in Jackson TN, will deliver the container right to the customer’s doorstep. From there, all they have to do is load up their belongings into the container at their own pace. When you are done unloading the container, Affordable Portable’s will come pick it up and remove it from your Jackson, Milan, Two Way, or Humboldt TN property.

Customers have the option to store an Affordable Portable container on their property or at a storage location. According to Affordable Portable, rates for storing a container on the customer’s personal property start as low as $99 per month. However, monthly rental rates vary and are dependent on storage duration, container availability and location and delivery near Jackson TN 38305.

 Affordable Portable’s is a popular choice for those moving and/or looking for storage because of the container’s weather-resistant makeup, as well as the ramp-free loading. Each container is equipped with steel locking latches, and a place for a lock for security.


Moving supplies 

 Don’t forget about the moving supplies you’ll have to buy yourself! You’ll need to make sure you add cardboard boxes, plastic bins, bubble wrap/packing paper and any other supplies needed for the move into the equation. These costs can quickly add up.


The 10-ft. container is approximately 10’x8’x8. Perfect for moving a home with two or three rooms. The inside of the container offers 640 cubic feet of packing space.  The 10-ft. moving container is comparable to a rental truck that is 15 feet long.

·       Moving homes with three to four bedrooms

Office relocationshome remodeling and restoration projectsStudio apartment movesSmaller dwelling movesCollege student movingEstate movingMoving items to a second homeTemporary storage for small remodeling and renovation projects such as bathroom remodels


Ready to find a portable moving container?

For more information on Affordable Portable moving containers, just give us a call at 731-707-7123 or come to the office located at 3308 N Highland Ave Jackson TN 38305. We will need to know where you’re moving from, the location of your new home, the size of your home in bedrooms, and what date you wish to have it delivered. And we will send you the best quote available.